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ITOS outlines all the necessary services that an IT organization will have in order to support the business needs. This domain provides alignment of industry standards and best practices (PM BOK, CMMi, ISO/IEC 27002, COBIT, and ITIL v3) providing a reference from two main perspectives that enables the organization to support the business needs.

Relationships between technology components however, are not intended to be a one-to-one match to the process touch points described in PM BOK, ISO/IEC 27002, CMMi, COBIT and ITIL v3.


An employee receives a suspicious email, which she thinks may contain a malware program. She notifies the help desk. The help desk opens a security incident and a response team works to block the sender, identify other affected users, and restore any damage that may have been done.

Relationships to Other Domains

The use of the ITOS analytic services such as data warehousing, data marts, and common operational data stores are key to enable an effective business operation service.

ITOS supports the Business Operation Support Services, in order to maintain tactical and strategic alignment between the business and IT.

ITOS implements Presentation, Application, Information, and Infrastructure services.

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