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The Presentation Services domain is where the end-user interacts with an IT solution. The security requirements for the Presentation Domain will vary on the type of user and the type of service being provided. For instance, a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) website will have different security concerns than a social media website. The security requirements will also vary based on the types of endpoints being used by the end-user.


A mobile device provides the risk of locally stored data being lost with the device and a shared public kiosk provides the risk of subsequent end-users having access to prior users data.

Relationships to Other Domains

Presentation Services utilizes the Security and Risk Management domain to authenticate and authorize the end user, to protect the data on the end-point device and in-transit to the Application Services domain, and to protect the end-point device itself from tampering, theft, and malware. The Information Technology Operation and Support domain supplies services to deploy and make changes to the end points and to manage problems and incidences that the end users experience. The Business Operation Support Services provides security monitoring of the end-points, HR, and Compliance policies for end-user usage of IT solutions.

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