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The architecture enables organizations to assess opportunity, guide implementation, and relicate security patterns within and between companies with common capabilities models.

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Overview of the Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture is both a methodology and a set of tools that enable security architects, enterprise architects and risk management professionals to leverage a common set of security solutions.

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Domain Details

Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management services are what most people think of when they think of cyber security. It is the passwords, firewalls, and encryption that protect computer systems and data.

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Domain Details

Information Technology Operation & Support (ITOS)

ITOS is the IT Department. It is the help desk that takes the call when a problem is found, the teams that coordinate changes and roll them out at midnight, the planning and process that keep the systems going in the event of a disaster.

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Domain Details

Business Operation Support Services (BOSS)

The BOSS domain is all the corporate support functions like Human Resources, Compliance and Legal that are critical to a security program and fraud protection.

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Domain Details // Technology Solution Domains

Presentation Services

The Presentation Services domain is where the end-user interacts with an IT solution. The security requirements for the Presentation Domain will vary on the type of user and the type of service being provided.

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Domain Details // Technology Solution Domains

Application Services

Think of Application Services as the rules and processes that developers use to write code as well as the code itself.

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Domain Details // Technology Solution Domains

Information Services

Information Services refers to the storage of data, usually in databases, but sometimes just in files.

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Domain Details // Technology Solution Domains

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services deals with the rows and rows of computers, network cables, power cables, cooling vents and fire suppression pipes you would see if you went inside the data center.

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